Migratory Reform in Colombia


The Resolution 6045 of 2017 will be repealed and replaced in the upcoming weeks by means of a new resolution issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will include the types and scope of the visas, as well as the conditions, requirements and application process. This will bring significant changes, which will enter into force sixty calendar days after its publication.


General changes in visa processes

The visa application, in some cases, must be made in the country of the foreigner’s nationality or permanent residence; furthermore, those foreigners who hold a visitor visa or entry permits may not request an immigration status change within the national territory, except for study visitor visas and those consequent of the Mercosur Agreement. The average processing time would be ten business days. In the case of a visa application, based on a valid visa and that the foreigner wants its continuousness, the request must be made at least thirty calendar days before the expiration of said visa.


Visitor Visa

I consider important to note that apparently for cases such as of temporary specialized and technical services, will enter among others, those foreigners who wish to enter to work in Colombia and do not hold a higher education degree. In the case of students who wish to do unpaid internships and are the legal age, they may work no more than twenty-eight hours per week with the student visa.


Migrant Visas

It could be inferred that the work migrant visa would initially apply to foreign workers with professions or activities derived from higher education studies. Likewise, it is established that those migrant visas where a work permit is granted and have a trial period in the contract, the visa will be approved for the time mentioned.

For the issuance of a Mercosur and entrepreneurs visa more requirements must be provided and in the case of the real estate investor visa the amount was increased and the investment must be at least six hundred fifty Colombian monthly minimum wages. Not all migrant visas will prove domicile and the absence for more than ninety calendar days will result in the automatic termination of the migrant visa.


Resident Visas

Holders of resident visas must carry out the visa transfer within the following two years counted from the date of entry into force of the resolution, in order to having a valid visa for ten years in accordance with the new provisions. If you do not comply with this process, the visa will lose its validity. In the case of the foreign direct investment visa, the amount must now be at least one thousand Colombian monthly minimum wages. The absence for more than one hundred and eighty calendar days will result in the automatic termination of the resident visa.

The limitations of this modification will begin to be noticeable from the entry into force of the resolution. Despite the country’s tendency to simplify the procedures and migratory administrative processes in recent years, it can be evidenced a breakup in accordance with the provisions of the resolution project mentioned, which, although it will have some modifications, will most certainly maintain its new restrictive essence.

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