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By: Rodrigo Tannus Serrano
Partner at Tannus & Asociados

Stated by the Resolution 3346 issued on the 21st of December of 2018, the Special Administrative Unit Migration Colombia added to the article 4° of Resolution 1220 of 2016 the Entry and Permanence Permit for temporary Transit (PIP-TT), motivated by the current immigration dynamics, in which a significant number of Foreign Nationals entering Colombia is evidenced, through immigration checkpoints, to transit, as there is no urge or interest to stay in the national territory.

In accordance with the information above, and as of December 27, 2018, Foreign Nationals who intend to transit within the national territory, in order to make connections or stopovers to address some means of transport, whether maritime, land, air or river, to return to their country of origin or to a third country, without the intention of establishing or domiciling in Colombia, they may do so through the issuance of a Temporary Transit Permit issued at the immigration control post through which they enter the country.

To apply for the PIP-TT, at the time of entering the country through the immigration control post, a passport or a national identification document (DNI) must be presented. In case of not presenting a passport, Foreign Nationals must identify themselves with the Electronic Immigration Card during the transit period and present it when they leave the country before the respective immigration control post. The validity of this permit will be fifteen calendar days, validity that cannot be extended.

It is important to mention to those Foreign Nationals from nationalities that require visa in order to enter Colombian territory, will not be granted with this permit as this new authorization does not replace the requirements for the issuance of a visa. Therefore, Foreign Nationals that hold restricted nationalities must continue complying with the processes for the issuance of a visa, for example the visitor visa for direct transit, before the Colombian Consulates abroad or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Restricted Nationalities.

Although the National Government has tended in recent years to facilitate the entry of Foreign Nationals into the national territory, there are many countries that have not signed visa elimination agreements with Colombia or for reasons of national convenience, have not been included in the list of visa-free countries to develop activities in the national territory, mostly related to tourism or business, which take place in periods of short duration.

Consequently, nationals from countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Qatar, Ukraine, South Africa, among others, regardless of the length of stay and activities to be developed in the country, must apply compulsory and prior to entry, for a visa to enter Colombia.


Exceptions to restricted nationalities.

Nationals of Cambodia, India, Myanmar, People’s Republic of China, Nicaragua and Thailand, who are holders of residence permits or visas for the United States, with a validity of more than 180 days, or for a country member of the “Schengen area”, they will be able to enter Colombia with the current entry and permanence permits, without the need to issue a visa prior their arrival.

For Foreign Nationals who prove to be holders of a permit or authorization of permanent residence in a member state of the Pacific Alliance, entry without a visa and temporary stay in the national territory may be authorized.

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