Breakdown Of Diplomatic Relations Between Colombia And Venezuela And Its Impact On Migratory Processes

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Taking into account the breakdown of diplomatic relations between Colombia and Venezuela, Consulate services in both countries have stopped and no further request will be processed until further notice.

In order to obtain a solution for the migration of Venezuelan nationals to Colombia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has enabled its online platform for Venezuelans who wish to apply for a Colombian visa so they can proceed with the request.

On the other hand, Colombian nationals that require a visa or other processes through any Venezuelan Consulate in Colombia, will need to wait for these offices to retake their normal activities or may need to search for an alternative in order to complete the process, even if it will mean that it is completed in Venezuela or before a Consulate abroad.

We will keep you informed of any progress on this matter and if you need assistance from us, please contact the members of the Tannus & Asociados team.
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